luxury down sleeping bag

Mountain Buggy lujo abajo sleeping bag en color grid_grid
Mountain Buggy de lujo abajo sleeping bag montado en un buggy urban jungle en color grid_grid
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luxury down sleeping bag

Mountain Buggy® luxury down sleeping bag tiene una elegante capa exterior negra, un interior de rejilla icónico y un relleno natural de felpa. Combina estilo con funcionalidad, para una mayor calidez y protección.

de lujo en sleeping bag destacan las características:

  • exterior y forro de felpa suave para mayor comodidad: 80% de plumón, 20% de pluma
  • panel frontal desmontable, para su uso como revestimiento
  • capucha elástica, para un ajuste acogedor y paneles de agarre en la espalda para reducir el deslizamiento
  • arnés de seguridad compatible con toda la gama Mountain Buggy® , y muchas otras marcas
  • cremallera central para un acceso sin problemas

especificaciones técnicas:

longitud: 100cm / 39"
anchura: 55cm / 22"
longitud hasta la apertura: 68cm / 27"
cáscara: exterior de melocotón (100% poliéster)
forro: interior de melocotón (100% poliéster)
relleno: 80% de plumón, 20%
de pluma

duet™Los agujeros del arnés en el sleeping bag difieren ligeramente del lugar donde el arnés se une al arnés de tela del MB mini anterior a 2017, swift™, urban jungle™, +one™, terrain™, nano™, y cosmopolitan™. Esto significa que la longitud total del arnés se acorta aproximadamente 1" cuando se utiliza el sleeping bag con estos modelos. Esto es muy poco y no supone ningún riesgo para la seguridad.

*Lavara máquina por separado, secar en secadora a baja temperatura*

**El forro demelocotón se refiere a un poliéster súper suave y cepillado que encontramos comparable a la piel suave y aterciopelada de un melocotón.

€109,99 EUR


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Opiniones de los clientes

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Luxury down sleeping bag INDEED!

This Luxury down sleeping back is the best purchase I've made for my toddler. I bought it before baby was born and I just new it would be perfect fit with all the walking we do. It's been a solid few months using it this year over autumn and winter, and it's definitely the best investment for cold weather walks. It is so warm and cozy and it keeps my toddler perfectly comfortable even on the coldest days. Its really easy to use I just unzip it, lay my toddler in buckled up and zip it back up. And because it's attached to the pram, I don't have to worry about it falling off or getting lost. I get so many compliments on the sleeping bag from other parents, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a warm and comfy way to keep their toddler warm in the buggy.

Mrs W
So cosy and snug

I was apprehensive about buying this as it is quite expensive, but as I use the buggy every day I thought I would treat my little boy.
I'm SO glad I did, it is the cosiest, warmest, snuggliest sleeping bag ever!
I love seeing him all cosy inside the buggy. If you are unsure about buying this... get it, you won't be disappointed.

Hi Mrs W! Thanks for your great review. We totally agree the Mountain Buggy®luxury down sleeping bag is the coziest thing around.


Sarah Ky
So snug!

The down sleeping bag is PERFECT for the windy and wild Wellington weather! We use it with our MB swift. I never have to worry that my daughter will get cold, and I know she's very comfortable!

Hi Sarah and thanks for your comments. It's great to hear that your daughter is comfortable with her swift and sleeping bag. MBx

Snug as a bug in a rug

Our Baby has been super snug in sleeping bag, A little jealous of him to be honest when I'm pushing him or warm and toasty and I'm being battered by a cold wind. I like the super soft material, it's lush!

i would buy this again without a doubt

Absolutely amazing, best purchase yet. Everyone needs one of these. Baby is toasty warm and if it's a warm day you can zip off the front. I couldn't do without mine

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