hands free, hands through connection
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Product Code: JUNO_V1

hands free, hands through connection

Our innovation award winning juno™, is a multi-functional carrier that transitions seamlessly from newborn to toddler, providing a hands free, hands through connection.

The closeness that babywearing creates has an instant soothing effect for both parent and child, and so, juno™ was designed in collaboration with medical professionals and real parents to ensure these emotional connections were met for the ultimate bonding experience, as well as delivering the very best ergonomics in all four carrying modes for both you and your child.

The health benefits of keeping your child close is huge, and juno™ enables you to continue having valuable skin-to-skin contact which helps to increase weight gain, boost immunities and improve nervous system functions in newborns.

Recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as being ‘hip healthy’, juno™ promises safety, quality materials and world class innovation in one bundle, ensuring a truly authentic Mountain Buggy® experience every time you carry.

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what makes juno unique


juno™ carrying modes

sobre nosotros

front face in

newborn – 24 months
3.5 – 12.2kg / 8 – 29lbs

sobre nosotros

front face out

6 – 18 months
6.5 – 10kg / 14 – 24lbs

sobre nosotros

hip carrying mode

6 – 24 months
6.5 – 12.2kg / 14 – 27lbs

sobre nosotros

back carrying mode

6 – 48 months
6.5 – 20kg / 14 – 44lbs

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Age range
newborn to 4 years *age reference as guide only
Maximum weight
Minimum weight
Product weight
Safety certified
Europe, UK, USA, AUS/NZ, Canada
Seat width
21 - 33cm
Waistband extension
69 - 135cm
juno™ instructions

Setting up your juno™ is easy! Find all the details you need here for how to set up and use!

juno™ - front face in carry mode
juno™ - back carrying mode
juno™ - front face out carry mode
juno™ - hip carrying mode

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