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True all terrain performance and drive

True all terrain performance and drive

Going on adventures with your little one can be an awesome experience for both of you, but it’s important to choose the buggy with the right features, to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe.
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When it comes to living life without limit™, one of the best options is to use air filled tyres. In this post, we’ll explore why air filled tyres are our go-to, as well as how to maintain them and use them safely. 

Mountain Buggy’s original platform is engineered for the mountains, designed for the city. In order to enable parents to live their life without limit™, most of our buggies have air filled tyres. 

Air filled tyres do provide a much better ride, manoeuvrability and performance on all terrain surfaces which can vary throughout your day. There are obviously many versions of puncture proof tyres that claim to be just as good, but nothing compares to what a true air filled tyre delivers on.

There are a number of reasons why we opted for this style, and it all comes down to not compromising on performance. First and foremost, air filled tyres act as shock absorbers on rough terrain, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. They also provide greater traction, which prevents the buggy from slipping and sliding, keeping you and your baby safe. Lastly, air filled tyres give you the control on how much air to pump through, depending on the performance you are requiring. For example, the more air you pump into the tyre, the more performance the ride will give with a harder bounce along bumpy terrain. The less air you put in, will deliver your little passenger a more cushioned ride as it will absorb more from the surface.

Air filled tyres are the same as what you would expect on mountain bikes and cars for instance, so you know they’re optimised for maximum performance. In the same vein as a car or bike, air filled tyres require some maintenance from time to time, and this is no different with your Mountain Buggy®.

handy maintenance tips

To make sure your air filled tyres are in ideal condition for all of your mountain adventures, it's important to follow some basic maintenance tips.


check tyre pressure regularly

Checking the tyre pressure regularly will ensure a smooth and safe ride for your family every time. We recommend using a hand pump, and setting your tyres to 20psi, max 22psi. This number will be clearly visible on the rim of your Mountain Buggy® wheel. While it may be tempting to speed the process up, using any high pressure pumps (like the ones at the petrol station) will damage your wheels. It can also be tempting to overpump - please refrain from doing this as this could rupture more easily when out on the tracks.


punctures or damage

Inspect your tyres often for any signs of damage, such as punctures or cracks. If you do happen to get a puncture in your tyre, it’s super easy to fix. Firstly to identify if, or where you have a puncture, we recommend marking the tyre in line with the air valve, and removing the tube from the wheel. Next, inflate the tube to twice its normal size. Submerge the tube in water, looking for air bubbles around the tube and valve area. Mark on the tube where the bubbles leak from. Repair the tube with a standard bicycle patch. Note the position of the leak measured from the valve stem. Examine the inside of the tyre and the rim, at the same position the leak is marked. Look for something sharp, like grit, sand or thorns. Should no leaks show under water, refit the tube onto the wheel. Press an object onto the valve to release the air quickly, and do this a few times. Sometimes dirt sticks in the valve when inflating the tube and prevents the valve from seating correctly, causing slow punctures.

It’s also super useful to have one of our maintenance kits on hand, in case you run into trouble on the trail.

close up of terrain three wheeled buggy wheel with all terrain tyre  

general hygiene

Clean the tyres regularly to prevent any dirt or debris that may have gotten stuck in the rubber. This can help to stop the treads from becoming clogged, which reduces their effectiveness and grip when heading out on rough terrain. New inner tubes and tyres are available on our website, or can generally be found at cycle or specialist wheel shops. It’s also well worth mentioning for the hotter climate regions, that tyre pressure can also be affected by extreme heat, so we wouldn’t recommend leaving your buggy in an intensely hot car.



When using your buggy on all terrain conditions, it’s important that safety is your number one concern. Always make sure your child is securely strapped in before setting off, and use the wrist strap on your buggy to stay in control. Be cautious, but also remember to have fun and enjoy the ride.

Air filled tyres are the premium choice for all terrain adventures with your little one. They offer the smoothest and most sublime  performance, providing excellent traction, and brings ease of manoeuvrability. By following the basic maintenance and safety tips provided in this article, you can trust that you can truly live life without limit™ with your little one safely in the buggy - your Mountain Buggy® adventure awaits!


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