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maintenance kit

El maintenance kit está lleno de elementos esenciales para el mantenimiento de los neumáticos, ayudándote a sacar el máximo provecho de tu todo-terrain buggy. Convenientemente guardado en una bolsa enrollable compacta para un fácil almacenamiento en el camino.

lo que hay en el kit:

1 x bomba de neumáticos con medidor
1 x kit de reparación de pinchazos
1 x tubo de llave inglesa
1 x llave inglesa (10mm / 0.4")
1 x tela suave
4 x tapones de neumáticos de repuesto
2 x llaves allen
3 x grasa de silicona
3 x palancas de neumáticos


todas las herramientas se pueden utilizar en todas las marcas de cochecitos
€24,99 EUR


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Handy bit of kit

I got this as my husband blew up our old tyres with the car pump as he couldn't find our bike pump. Now we have this kit that belongs in the pram at all times and our new wheels will only be pumped up with the pump from this kit. I love knowing everything is there to fix a puncture too, should we ever need to. Very happy to have this

Thanks for your review Michelle. Glad to hear you are finding the maintenance kit helpful and can store it conveniently in your pram in case you ever get a puncture! MBx

Everything you need, right there

I'm not at all savvy with tyre maintenance, so was super pleased I splurged on this maintenance kit - it has everything I could need, and more, and has given me peace of mind that I'll be A-OK should we have a blowout. Looks great in its MB kit bag too :)

Super SAV!

Ma roue réceptionnée a été HS au bout de 2 semaines... L'excellent service SAV a pu résoudre mon problème au j'ai reçu une nouvelle roue sous 3 jours! Un grand merci

Replacement wheels and maintenance kit

My old tire broke on the stroller and i ordered the kit and replacement wheels a month ago. It arrived in 2 days!!! They are a perfect fit and it has been a lifesaver to be able to use the stroller again. It was a rough couple of days for us without it and i am so happy with how fast and helpful the service at moutain buggy has been. I highly recommend ordering directly from the website.

JoJo 101
Exactly what we needed

Purchased about a month ago and it's exactly what we needed. The pump is easy to use and the gauge shows how much air is in tyres. The puncture repair kit hasn't be used, but it gives me piece of mind that it is there if needed. Therefore it is good value for money.

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