now reading: some unique rides your child will love 🖤
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some unique rides your child will love 🖤

some unique rides your child will love 🖤

learn about our innovative wheels that help parents live life without limit 
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The riders collection all includes multiple patents and is true innovation at its best, delivering products that offer a fun and independent experience for your child, enabling you to live life without limit in a truly unique way. 

What features are patented? 

unirider patent image

the entire design 
Developed in collaboration with a very clever dad in the UK – Simon Langham, who came up with this innovative idea for his toddler. 

the connector 
Ingeniously enables freerider to click simply onto your buggy frame, and click off to go into independent scooter mode. 

skyrider patent image

the chassis 
This enables the dual functionality to convert from a carry-on suitcase to a travelling seat for toddlers up to 15kgs / 33lbs. 


adrenaline rush 
A head-turning design that is truly unique. unirider™ is a patented innovation beyond compare, bringing joy to toddlers and parents worldwide. 

unirider in action

one parent, one child, one wheel! 


double duty 
freerider™ is no ordinary buggy board; it can also cleverly transform into a free-wheeling scooter for years of longevity for your child. 

freerider in action

from buggy board ... to scooter fun 


problem solving 
Effortlessly roll through the terminal with this ingenious carry-on suitcase that also doubles as a travelling seat for toddlers up to 15kg/33lbs. 

skyrider in action

roll on board


Check out our riders collectionhere 

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