now reading: Meet Squash Falconer - an endurance adventurer and mum
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Squash Falconer endurance adventurer with her Mountain Buggy terrain on snow

Meet Squash Falconer - an endurance adventurer and mum

Squash puts the Mountain Buggy® terrain™, carrycot plus™ and cocoon™ to the test with her baby Kit.
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In November 2018 she began her greatest adventure yet: motherhood, with the arrival of her little girl, Kit. Squash puts the terrain™, carrycot plus™ and cocoon™ to the test on her adventures with Kit.

As soon as I knew I was pregnant I thought about a buggy. I needed and wanted one that not only provided the basics (to transport my baby in comfort) but one that would allow me to continue to live without limits and share adventures with my baby girl, Kit.

Squash Falconer running in snow using Mountain Buggy terrain

I needed a buggy that would be suitable from birth to 3 years. One that I could travel with, that was manoeuvrable enough for small simple errands around home and town, but also strong and durable enough to walk and run all kinds of terrain (including mountain and coastal trails). Being a lover of the outdoors, I wanted to continue my passions and be able to share them with Kit too.

Squash Falconer's dog next to baby in Mountain Buggy cocoon

When I first discovered Mountain Buggy I knew I’d found exactly what I was looking for. The mountain buggy terrain was a system that could give me everything I needed and wanted. Initially, I was able to use the terrain buggy with a cocoon – a lightweight, lie flat, newborn carrycot that I used both in and out of the buggy. As Kit grew we moved from the cocoon into the carrycot plus. The carrycot plus is so well designed. It has three modes; lie flat, incline and parent facing. I used all the modes when Kit was in the buggy but we also used the carrycot as a standalone solution for Kit to sleep in while we were away travelling and it was fantastic. It features a breathable mattress, protective base and protective cosy toe so she was always happy and content in it. Many of her naptimes were spent outside in her carrycot plus.

Squash Falconer jogging with her baby in Mountain Buggy terrain

Now Kit is big enough to sit up in the terrain we use the buggy daily. Our favourite thing is to go out running together. In cold weather, I’m a bit jealous that she gets to snuggle up in her down sleeping bag and enjoy the views and fresh air from the comfort of her buggy!

The buggy has a “one hand fast fold”. I can put it up or down with Kit in one arm, using my free arm and hand to sort the buggy out. It makes life very easy. It comes with two sets of wheels (16” and 12”) for urban and active needs. With a one button press, changing wheel sets takes literally seconds.

Squash Falconer with her baby in Mountain Buggy terrain on walking track

The manoeuvrability of the buggy is impressive. It handles all kinds of terrain. The front wheel has three modes; lock back, lock forward and swivel and the drum brakes give maximum speed control security. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to use the buggy in ALL conditions. I thought snow would stop play. But, Mountain Buggy have thought of everything. They even have skis that attach easily to the wheels to get through snow and ice!

Living without limit means we travel a lot and the icing on the cake with this system was the car seat compatibility. Kit’s first journey, coming home from hospital, was in her Mountain Buggy Protect, an ultra-lightweight, safe car seat. It’s been wonderful to travel with.

I’m so glad we found the mountain buggy terrain. It really is the most amazing buggy system!

Squash Falconer baby snuggled in Mountain Buggy sleeping bag in terrain buggy

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