cocoon for twins

lightweight newborn solution
Mountain Buggy® cocoon™ for twins shown from side with sun hood in place_black
cocoon™ for twins shown side on off the buggy
cocoon™ for twins shown as an example in place on a Mountain Buggy nano duo stroller
Mountain Buggy® newborn cocoon for twins shown as an example installed on the duet buggy
newborn cocoon for twins shown from above with the cover opened and unzipped to demonstrate the size for baby
Mountain Buggy® cocoon™ for twins shown from above with the covers zipped up in place creating a warm comfy space for newborns

cocoon for twins

lightweight newborn solution

Perfect for parents of twins wanting a simple, lightweight, newborn solution that seamlessly clips on and off the buggy - and for use as an off-buggy lie-flat sleep solution.

Your twins can now continue their unique bond, and lie close together in one shared, safe and cosy environment - enabling that same sense of togetherness they had in the womb.

cocoon™ for twins pairs perfectly with nano duo™, and is also compatible with duet™ and duet™ as a single.

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You can find replacement attachment straps for your cocoon here.

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Product Code: MB-CNTWIN_V1

“The cocoon for twins transforms the nano duo buggy into a magical sleep genie - so warm, dark and cozy."
full features breakdown
one big, cosy bed
ultra lightweight
move twins without disturbance
certified for overnight sleep
a protective sunhood and zip lid
compatible across multiple buggies
at a glance
ultra lightweight
perfect for newborn twins
certified for overnight sleep
breathable mattress
seamless assembly
protective sunhood and zip lid
Age range
newborn - 6 months*
*age reference as guide only
Dimensions l x h x w
73 x 61 x 58cm
Maximum load
9kg (per twin)
Product weight
Safety certified
for the following markets:
Europe, UK, USA,
Aus/NZ, Canada, China
cocoon™ for twins instructions

Setting up your cocoon™ for twins is easy! Find all the details you need here for how to set up and use!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Obsessed !! Haven’t used yet as I’m still waiting for my twins to arrive however it is so light weight while being perfectly sturdy, the babies won’t we rolling all over the place when we pick them up in this, I’m so excited to use it! Absolutely in love already!

a perfect companion to the nano duo

We absolutely love the twin cocoon. That, plus the Nano Duo pram is a perfect buggy solution from birth onwards for twins. So easy and light to throw in the boot and assemble quickly. The cocoon fits perfectly onto the Nano Duo on top of the seats and underneath the hood shades making it pretty much impossible for any sunlight to get to their faces (no more poorly attached muslin cloths flapping in the wind!)

Super cute how your babies can see each other in there too.

Definitely recommend to twin parents!

Hi Lynne! Thanks for your lovely review! It's great to hear how light and how quick cocoon™ for twins is to assemble onto your nano duo™ and that your twins love seeing each other while they're in it. MBx

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