pre-2017 cosmopolitan™ essentials

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Mountain Buggy pre-2017 cosmoploitan carrycot side view_black SOLD
pre - 2017 cosmopolitan™ bassinet MB2-COSBN01_ €99,00 EUR sold out
Mountain Buggy storm cover fitted to a cosmopolitan luxury buggy in colour geo_default cosmopolitan™ storm cover COSMOSC_V2 €8,75 EUR €35,00 EUR
cosmopolitan™ mesh cover SOLD
cosmopolitan™ mesh cover COSMOSM_V2 €39,00 EUR sold out
Mountain Buggy cosy toe fitted on cosmopolitan buggy in colour turquoise_turquoise SOLD
cosmopolitan™ cosy toes MB2-CCT01_ €29,00 EUR sold out
Mountain Buggy durable soft peach lined sleeping bag in colour ocean_ocean more info sleeping bag MBSB_V3 €89,00 EUR
Mountain Buggy luxury down sleeping bag in colour grid_grid luxury down sleeping bag MBDSB_V2 €149,00 EUR
Mountain Buggy travel solution travel bag in colour black_black travel bag straight to gate convenience MBTB_V1 €99,00 EUR
mountain buggy freerider scooter in orange colour turns into a buggy board_orange more info freerider™ from stroller board... to scooter fun FREERIDER_V1 €99,00 EUR
Mountain Buggy double satchel bag attached to duet double stroller stroller in colour grid_grid double satchel SATCHEL2_V1 €99,00 EUR
Mountain Buggy blanket folded in colour nautical_nautical more info Mountain Buggy® blanket BLANKET_V1 from €14,50 EUR €29,00 EUR
Mountain Buggy cosmopolitan food tray close up on the cosmopolitan luxury buggy in colour geo_black cosmopolitan™ food tray COSMOFT_V2 €30,00 EUR
Mountain Buggybuggy cup holder_black buggy cup holder MB1-CH_ €9,00 EUR