nano duo™ and duet™ essentials

All the essentials you need for nano duo™ and duet™!

Buying a buggy and essentials at the same time? For a very limited time, enjoy a 50% discount on these essentials when bought with a duet™ or nano duo™

Add either duet™ or nano duo™ to the cart, and then select any of the essentials from the above collection.

*Multiple different products can be purchased at a 50% discount, though the discount only applies to the first of each product. For example, buying one blanket and one sun cover will apply a 50% discount to both. If two blankets and one sun cover, the first blanket has a 50% discount, the other is full price - with the sun cover also at a 50% discount

Mountain Buggy durable soft peach lined sleeping bag in colour ocean_ocean sleeping bag €89,00 EUR view product
Mountain Buggybuggy cup holder_black buggy cup holder €9,00 EUR view product
mountain buggy bottle holder for drinking on the move_default bottle holder €15,00 EUR sold out view product
Mountain Buggy blanket folded in colour nautical_nautical Mountain Buggy® blanket €29,00 EUR view product
Mountain Buggy set of 2 satchel clips _default satchel clips €10,00 EUR view product
Mountain Buggy® cocoon™ for twins shown from side with sun hood in place_black cocoon™ for twins lightweight newborn solution €129,00 EUR view product