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Nanny Sunday with her twins

The Joys and Chaos of Multiples

Dear all parents of multiples, we are celebrating YOU 🖤
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As we celebrate Multiples Awareness Week in New Zealand, it is a moment to recognise the dedication and hard work of parents, caregivers and nannies who play a HUGE role in the lives of multiples. It's also a time to bring awareness about the unique challenges faced by parents of multiples (mothers especially), promoting understanding and empathy within our communities!

As a nanny, I had the absolute pleasure to care for two sets of twins. My journey with these twins had been filled with laughter, a lot of learnings and a fair share of challenges. However, nothing quite prepared me for the joy and chaos that comes with caring for multiples! This week, I find myself reflecting on the unique experiences and lessons that come with looking after more than one little bundle of energy! In this blog, I want to share my personal perspective on the joys and challenges of being a nanny for multiples, with a special focus on the postpartum journey of mothers with twins. 💕

One of the things that comes to mind when I think about my nanny journey with twins was the sheer joy and chaos they bring into a household each day! There was ALWAYS something to do and it was sometimes difficult to have a break. Now as a nanny, I was lucky enough to be able to go home after a shift and sleep. This is not the case for the parents. The demands of caring for two infants simultaneously can take a toll on a mother’s mental health💗 The sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion, and the constant demands of childcare can contribute to feelings of overwhelm and isolation.

As a nanny, I witnessed firsthand the emotional struggles that some mothers go through during the postpartum period. It became one of my main motivators every day, to provide not only care for the babies, but also for the mothers. Whether that was doing that extra load of washing, deep cleaning the house or making prepped meals. One of the families cared for, got provide prepped meals! If you are in New Zealand, you should check out 'Bellyful’! Bellyful is a national non-profit organisation helping New Zealand mums by delivering frozen, precooked meals to families with newborns and families struggling with illness. You can request for help through this link, or refer a friend to receive this service. 💗

These small gestures are crucial, and it’s essential for caregivers, family members and friends to be aware of signs of postpartum depression and offer this kind of support and understanding. Creating a support system and encouraging open communication can make a HUGE difference in helping mothers navigate this challenging time. Not every family can have the luxury of a Nanny, but if you know of anyone with multiples, offering a helping hand could mean wonders. Just to let the parents sleep and helping with housework, as these things can be left on the back burner when caring for two little ones!

picture of Nanny Sunday with twins

Here are some tips I picked up along the way when caring for multiples:

The importance of routine – A valuable lesson I’ve learned is the significance of establishing and maintaining a routine. With multiples, having a structured schedule is important to help manage the day more efficiently. From mealtimes to nap schedules, a well-planned routine becomes the backbone of a harmonious household! Something to note however, is that it IS OKAY if the schedule doesn’t go to plan as babies are unpredictable. So, rolling with the punches will be required sometimes, but it is good to have a schedule to look back on and to ground yourself with again.

Mastering the art if multitasking – I think this is just something I picked up in nannying overall, but juggling two babies can feel like you're orchestrating a mini circus at times! 😂 Definitely not what the influencer mums showcase on their pages that's for sure! Bottle in one hand, dummy in the other – you really do start to master multitasking – so embrace this and have an agile mind, looking at the peripheral – widen your scope as you can't be tunnel vision anymore!

Individual Bonding time – making sure to put aside individual bonding time with each twin was important to me. It not only strengthens your connection with them, but also allowed me to appreciate their unique personalities – seeing each of them shine 💕.

Self-Care is Non-Negotiable – Now this tip is more for the mothers - make sure to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Twins require a lot of energy, and you can’t pour from an empty cup!! Sneak in those moments of self-care – a quick breather, a favourite snack, or a call with a friend / family member! These small moments can do wonders – trust me.

Nanny Sunday with twins #2

So, lovely parents, remember that YOU’VE GOT THIS. But also remember to not be afraid to ask for help. And if things get all too much, here are some links to some helpful New Zealand sites and services. Within these links you will find different services for support!

Postnatal depression » Whānau Āwhina
Plunket Community Support - Multiples NZ
Bellyful - Filling Kiwi Bellies

I have a massive appreciation for all parents and parents of multiples as I have seen firsthand how hard you all work. Twin parenthood is an extraordinary journey filled with double the love and double the joy! You are in for the adventure of a lifetime.

To all nannies and caregivers of multiples out there, your dedication is truly commendable, and the impact you make on these little lives is immeasurable. Here's to a week of recognition, support, and a celebration of the beautiful chaos that comes with caring for multiples. 🖤

Sunday x

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