now reading: Mountain Buggy® launches its first luxury collection
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Mountain Buggy® launches its first luxury collection

Mountain Buggy® launches its first luxury collection

Award-winning brand Mountain Buggy®, has pushed the boundaries and tested conventional nursery styling, with the launch of their new luxury collection.
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Award-winning baby goods brand, Mountain Buggy™, has pushed the boundaries and tested conventional nursery styling once again, with the launch of a new luxury collection - empowering parents to live life without limit, in style.

Chief executive, Campbell Gower, says it’s the perfect example of function and aesthetics working hand in hand.

“Whilst remaining true to the heritage and DNA of our all terrain Kiwi brand, the luxury collection now offers a range of products in four inspired, iconic styles that will continue to set Mountain Buggy apart.

“This collection revolutionises the fabrics and prints for Mountain Buggy - ensuring our products are fashion leading and appeal to a wide audience, both female and male.”

The Mountain Buggy™ luxury collection includes designs in:

  • Herringbone (New): a distinct twill weave fabric; classic tailoring inspired by Savile Row. Available in duet™ and urban jungle™ luxury buggies.
  • Pepita : a contemporary, modern take on houndstooth - musing off influential haute couture fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen. Available in urban jungle™ and swift™ luxury buggies.
  • Nautical : timeless yet traditional; a look that transcends through the ages with its unisex appeal. Available in urban jungle™ luxury buggy.
  • Geo : a textural aesthetic with a cubic design, inspired by the classic arts of Mondrian and the simplicity of the check print made famous by top fashion house, Louis Vuitton. Available in cosmopolitan™ luxury buggy.

Mountain Buggy™ introduced its first luxury adaptation with ‘the runway’ collection back in 2011. In 2015, the brand launched its ‘nautical’ and ‘pepita’ luxury collections - the design of which was awarded an internationally renowned Red Dot design award in Germany.

“When we first took this collection to the world, it elevated the brand to a whole new level. It’s a huge honour to be recognised as one of the world’s best in design. To see our name on the winners list, alongside well-known luxury brands such as Ferrari, is really inspiring,” says Gower.

Following the win, cosmopolitan luxury in geo was introduced, and in 2018, Mountain Buggy brings together all its luxury offerings to deliver its strongest line-up yet.

While luxury buggies are often associated with four wheel, modular strollers, Gower says Mountain Buggy’s collection includes offerings showcasing the brand’s iconic 3-wheel platform.

“Our 3-wheel design is beautifully engineered; with the fabric seat sling allowing the child to sit snug inside the frame, delivering superior manoeuvrability, stability and kerb pop across all terrain. It’s what today’s parents need.

“These buggies are the epitome of engineered for the mountains, designed for the city - where fashion meets function.”

All luxury buggies come with aeromaxx tyres, as well as a satchel and change mat in coordinating luxury designs (incl. satchel clips).

Also included in the launch of the luxury collection is the brand’s re-engineered, carrycot plus™, an innovative bassinet-style accessory combining 1 base, and 2 fabric sets to deliver 3 unique modes of transport.

“The first of its kind in the world, this product reinvents what one can do with a carrycot.

“Research has shown that as many as 70-85% of infants suffer from regurgitation within the first two months of life. So, as well as offering a lie flat mode, our safe and innovative incline position helps support newborns with reflux,” says Gower.

“We also understand the strain one can have purchasing a carrycot after already investing in a buggy, that’s why the new carrycot plus™ offers longevity with three parent facing modes for your toddler – up to 15kg.”

Mr Gower hopes the launch of the new luxury collection will continue to highlight Mountain Buggy as the baby brand of first choice for parents looking for world class engineering and fashion forward style.

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