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Celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Day

Celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Day

Innovation has been at the heart of Mountain Buggy®, not just with product innovation, but also with philandthropic initiatives that change peoples lives.
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As pioneers of world first ideas, we’re proud to be one of the world's leading inventors, designers and marketers of juvenile products. For over 20 years, innovation has been at the heart of our company’s brands.

While phil&teds created the world’s first ever inline, a single to double buggy in a single footprint, and life saving freedom giver for a million parents, Mountain Buggy created a world’s first in the all terrain buggy category, when the brand’s founder fashioned a seat to his golf trundler back in 1992.

Fast forward over two decades, and while technology and designs have changed, the company’s values of innovation and creative problem solving remain the same.

Yet World Creativity and Innovation Day is not only about celebrating this creativity, but also generating new ideas and embracing creative initiatives that make the world a better place. We’re genuinely proud to say that our work makes a difference to the lives, health and wellbeing of people around the world, here’s how.

Buggies for Good

duet buggy with medical equipment in tote bag joey


Launched in 2009, our charitable initiative, Buggies for Good, is all about giving back - helping deserving families, communities, and organisations in need. Along with sample product and seconds stock, we collect pre-loved buggies back from our phil&teds and Mountain Buggy friends around the world. All product is serviced and given a warrant of fitness to ensure it’s in good working order, before being donated back into the community - direct to families or organisations helping others.

The benefit of a donated buggy is enormous not only for mum and dad’s well-being, but also the development of their children. It means parents can leave the house with baby in tow – attend medical appointments and post-natal health checks, join a playgroup, visit the shops and take the kids to the park. It can also help organisations working with vulnerable families to build trust and a good working relationship in order to address the underlying cause of disadvantage.

The durability and robust nature of our designs means families can house oxygen tanks in buggy gear trays, ventilator equipment in the Mountain Buggy duet’s joey tote bag, or use a buggy as a means of transport for an older child as opposed to your traditional wheelchair.

To date, we've rehomed over 500 products. Families and groups including Australian children's hospice - Bear Cottage, an orphanage in South Africa, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, and New Zealand's Ronald McDonald House - are now able to support their cause more easily. 

Surgical Research Trust

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From investigations into better anaesthetic techniques to the evaluation of paediatric trauma scores, we're proud to say that, to date, we've aided over $120K worth of medical research. Our work with The Surgical Research Trust gives Kiwi researchers the opportunity to further both medical and surgical knowledge through funding chosen research projects.

As part of this joint venture with the Trust, thousands of phil&teddy bears have been donated to Kiwi kids undergoing surgery. Specialist teams in hospitals throughout New Zealand do such an amazing job, daily; this inspired us to add positivity with the help of some furry friends for the families who are going through this tough time. As well as making a child's recovery in hospital that little bit more bear-able, phil&teddy can be used by doctors as a prop when explaining a surgical procedure to them. Each bear comes with an adoption certificate for children to formally name their bear before taking it home so they can focus on getting better together.

From buggy donations to charitable associations, we heart making the world a better place for families.

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