car seat adaptor urban jungle terrain for protect and Maxi Cosi style connections

car seat adaptor urban jungle terrain for protect and Maxi Cosi style connections


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Bereit zum Abrollen, vom Auto zum Buggy - und wieder zurück!

Ein Reiseadapter verwandelt Deinen urban jungle, terrain oder +one Buggy in ein Reisesystem, indem Du die protect™ Babyschale schnell und einfach am Rahmen deines Buggys befestigst. Mit einem einfachen Klick vom Auto zum Buggy - alles ohne das Baby zu wecken.

clip 32 herausragende Merkmale:

  • einfache Befestigung am Buggyrahmen.
  • Sicherheit nach globalen Standards getestet und zertifiziert.
  • zur Verwendung an den folgenden Mountain Buggy® Kinderwagen: urban jungle, terrain und +one.
  • kompatibel mit Mountain Buggy® protect™-Babyschale und vielen anderen führenden Autositzmarken - siehe unten für weitere Informationen.

kompatibel mit den folgenden Babyschalen:

- Mountain Buggy® protect™ Autositz für Kleinkinder
-  phil&teds® Alpha
-  Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix, Pebble, Mico, Mico AP
-  Cybex Aton
-  Nuna Pipa

Können Sie Ihren Autositz nicht sehen? Siehe unseren Universal-Autositzadapter hier verfügbar


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  • clip 32

technische Daten:

Gewichtsgrenze: 13kg / 28lbs

mountain buggy


Product Code: CLIP32_V1


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Makes life super easy attaching capsule

I was suprised just how easy these clips are to use. We just to clip them onto our Urban Jungle frame and the capsule just slots in, and is easy to push the safety buttons to release. We swap between the Mountain Buggy Protect and the Bassinet, depending on whether we want our baby to lay flat and sleep, or just transfer him for shorter outings and keep him in the capsule. Each have their own clips and we've found it super easy to go between them.

Work as intended

Straight forward to install. Using for MB terrain and a Nuna Pipa car seat.


So easy to attach to my second hand mountain buggy urban jungle.

Ally Welly
Great product!

These clips are an essential purchase to go with the capsule. Quick and easy click in and your ready to roll. Makes life easier especially when baby is asleep and no need to transfer unnecessarily.

Soooooo convenient!

Recommended by a fellow parent to use a travel adaptor for our protect car seat and buggy, it's been incredible discovering how convenient this simple thing is. I had no idea how stressful it was going to be waking up our baby to move from her car seat to the buggy (or vice versa) - then trying to get her to sleep again :( it was a problem we never knew we would have! NOW with this adaptor, we can simply unclick the car seat from the car, and go straight onto the buggy... without waking her up. TOTAL lifesaver - thanks Mountain Buggy!

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