swift and duet pre-2015 aerotech rear wheel complete 10 inch

swift and duet pre-2015 aerotech rear wheel complete 10 inch

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€50,00 EUR
Roue arrière aerotech de remplacement pour votre mb mini d'avant 2015, swift et buggy d'avant 2017 duet .

*Veuillez noter que tous les pneus devront être changés si vous utilisez des roues aerotech.

La roue arrière d'Aerotech se distingue par ses caractéristiques :

  • un mélange hybride unique d'EVA et de caoutchouc
  • faible maintenance et résistance à la perforation 
  • léger, intérieur creux, offrant un amorti "d'air
  • faible résistance au roulement
  • entièrement assemblé, prêt à être glissé sur votre châssis de buggy 

Compatible avec le mb mini d'avant 2015, swift et le buggy d'avant 2017 duet

mountain buggy


Product Code: MB2-PRWHEEL10_

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Puncture so replaced wheels

I bought these when my inflatable punctured, it was going to take too long to replace so I got 3 of the aerotech instead. They are better in the fact that you don't get punctures or flat tyres but not as good on sand etc. Make sure when you are ordering you get the correct year for your buggy as I made the mistake of firstly buying ones from the incorrect year and they actually don't fit.

Works perfectly.... but....

Just installed these on my older Mountain buggy Swift that had the inflatable wheels. As an aside, those wheels on the Swift totally sucked - I replaced them twice and felt like I barely used them. The only reason why I didn't give the wheels here a 5 star rating is because it doesn't clearly show the wheels without the axel (which is necessary to remove) before attaching it to the carriage. Just update the pictures and directions and this would be a great fix/product for anyone who has problems with deflating/worn out tires on your mountain buggy swift. It's not hard to replace (just remove the axels and use the ones attached to the tire) but there is no clear explanation on-line which made me hesitant to purchase.

Jed Parrs
Expedient Purchase

I replaced the pneumatic tyres as the inner tubes kept failing at the point where the valve attaches to the inner tube. These solid tyres give a harder ride and are not as good on rugged and uneven surfaces. The original plan was to change the wheels according the to the surface but it isn't easy or fast in my experience. These wheels do not attach in the same way as the pneumatic types where the wheel fits to an axle by a quick release clip in the wheel hub. The solid Aerotech wheel is on a stub axle already assembled and the axle is held in place on the buggy chassi with an R clip; I had a lot of difficulty aligning the axle R clip position with the R clip hole and then inserting the R clip. It wasn't a quick and simple job.

Great alternative!

These tires are a great alternative to the ones the buggy comes with. They are much lower maintenance. The only downside that I have found so far is that the ride is slightly more bumpy and they seem to have inferior shock absorbancy. It's worth it for me!

Love Love Love these tyres!

I recently bought these as I had my second child and was fed up with the air filled tyres. These have renewed my faith in my pram and I am absolutely loving the maneuverability of my Mountain Buggy swift! I can push the pram with barely one hand it is super easy with these new tyres. I cant recommend them enough and money well spent! Installation instructions would have been helpful if supplied with the purchase. Which they were not.

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