mb mini, swift and duet pre-2017 aerotech front wheel complete 10 inch

mb mini, swift and duet pre-2017 aerotech front wheel complete 10 inch

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Remplacement de la roue avant de votre buggy par une roue aerotech.

Cette roue est livrée entièrement assemblée, elle est compatible avec les poussettes mb mini, swift & duet pre-2017.

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Product Code: MB2-PFwheel10_

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At last, no changinging of tubes/tyres...

What a relief (so we hope) not to have to worry about yet another flat... Light-weight, too! Glad we got them. But when changing the wheels it first looks like they're the wrong model as you need to flip the bar locks on the buggy to remove the wheel AND the bar. So you can easily stick in this wheel with integrated bars.


Easy to install and nice smooth ride for my baby in the pram.

Makes a great stroller even better!

We love our Mountain Buggies. A lot. So much that we bought a Duet when we, um, outgrew our Swift. We live in the city, and the only way our kids get around is either walking or in a stroller, which means our strollers take a real pounding. We went through a number of the standard wheels, and they just couldn't make it through the brutal winters here. Dragging the Duet with a flat tire and two squirming kids back from a park on the other side of town was not something I wanted to repeat. The aerotech wheels have been great- I think it handles just as well as the air-filled tires, and they stood up to this last winter extremely well. I can't recommend these wheels highly enough. I honestly wish you could just buy the stroller with these as standard.

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