now reading: How to stay active with kids during the colder months
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How to stay active with kids during the colder months

How to stay active with kids during the colder months

Teach you kids perseverance, and get them active, even when the season turns - there's no excuses to living life without limit.
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Alexa Hasman

Owner & Instructor

Baby Boot Camp Portland (Southwest), OR


Winter is coming and the weather is starting to turn. If you are in any part of the world that gets rainy, snowy, or blisteringly cold, it can be hard to figure out how to be active, especially with your kiddos.

I live in Oregon, so the problem we struggle with is rain. Constant, incessant rain. So, how do we stay active without bringing home soggy and soppy kiddos?


One of the biggest things I can suggest is to embrace it. Embrace the cold, the wet, the wind. The biggest pro to this is that your kids will learn to be active no matter what the weather conditions are.

They will see that rain is fun and snow is neat to explore with. It introduces them to the elements, nature, and shows them that you can’t just take 6 months off from being active because of a little rain.


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You can find awesome jumpsuits for your little ones to wear in the rain. This is the perfect opportunity to zip them up in these one-piece rubbery suits and go for a toddler hike!

Even if you don’t have a rubber suit, throw on a rain coat and go dance in the rain and jump in puddles! Enjoying the rain from outdoors can be so much fun!


November Baby Boot Camp blog


When it snows, bundle those kiddos up, whether it’s in multiple layers of clothes or in a warm bunting outfit, and sit them down in the snow to check it out and explore.

Obviously, you won’t want to stay out too long, but it’s good to show them they can run around in it, sit and draw shapes in it, or catch snowflakes on their tongue.

One of my favorite things to do when my daughter was younger was to bundle her up in the stroller and take her for a run. She got to check out all the things that nature had to offer; squirrels, giant leaves, and overarching trees.

The rain is coming, the snow is coming, and all of the other magical things that winter has to bring us. So grab those kids and get out there! Show those little ones that it’s ok (and even fun) to get a little dirty and wet sometimes! 


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