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celebrating the iconic 3-wheel collection

celebrating the iconic 3-wheel collection

Meet our iconic 3-wheel buggy collection and learn why 3-wheel will work for you.  
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pioneers of 3-wheel, all-terrain adventure 
World-class engineering and performance on a 3-wheel platform that has been inspired by New Zealand's landscape - all tested and globally certified to the same tests done on a 4-wheel buggy; Mountain Buggy's proven platform delights with its superior performance, intuitive functionality, and elegant styling. 

Why 3-wheel will work for you 

3-wheel pram

education hub 
true air-filled tyres 
10" or larger in size, provides the best performance on all surfaces.  

fabric sling seat 
Perfectly engineered to sit snug inside the buggy frame to deliver balance and stability 

education hub 
newborn ready 
Fabric sling seats should instantly recline fully to suit a newborn - perfect for families on a budget. 

compact, one-piece fold 
Folding made easy because you don’t need to take the seat off to fold. 


Meet our 3 Wheel Collection 

3-Wheel Pram

the iconic 
This firm favourite is the legendary platform for all of the Mountain Buggy® collection - ideal for those who desire on or off-roading with ease.  
urban jungle 
engineered for the urban active 

 3-Wheel Pram

the lil adventurer 
An incredibly popular buggy that is our most compact and lightweight true all terrain buggy in our collection. 
designed light, built compact 

 3-Wheel Pram

ultimate powerhouse 
Appreciate the sublime feel of terrain - built for superior control and performance, with enhanced features for the adventurous.  
maximum control, maximum performance 

Learn more about our 3-wheel collection here

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