now reading: How to juggle running a business from home...with twins
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Megan Raynor pushing twins in Mountain Buggy Duet

How to juggle running a business from home...with twins

Working from home while looking after your kids can be tricky. Find out Megan Raynor's top tricks she uses to make running her business with twins easier.
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@megsraynor is a Mum of twins, creative brain and fitness fiend based in sunny Mount Maunganui, New Zealand and part of our Mountain Buggy community.

Since the twins have become more mobile (and more determined to do all of the things they probably shouldn’t be!) it’s become impossible to get any work done while they’re awake.

As a self-employed mum who works mostly from home, this juggle between getting everything on the to-do list done and keeping the boys safe and happy can be quite a pickle. One that I’m sure many of us have experienced.

Twin babies smiling in Mountain Buggy duet in silver

As much as I am loving the increased interaction and watching them learn and grow (isn’t it incredible how you can see kids’ 11 month old brains ticking over!) I need to be able to get work done somehow. Thankfully there are two times that the boys aren’t moving - which means I can be working. These times are either when they’re asleep, or when they're strapped into our Mountain Buggy duet This has become a godsend!

Twin babies smiling in Mountain Buggy duet in silver

It might sound a bit weird or ‘too hard’ to try and get work done on the move but there are a few ways I’ve been making the most of it and they have been game changing for both tackling the to-do list and being able to be more present during the babies’ awake time.

Happy Mum pushing twins in Mountain Buggy duet silver

Business podcasts: I’m a podcast fiend. This means I almost always have a list of podcasts I’m waiting to listen to on my next walk. Listening to ones that are relevant to a business challenge myself or a client are currently having, or help me up level in some way, make me feel super pumped for when I next get to work.

Voice memos: Voice memos are one of the greatest inventions - I don’t think if I hadn’t become so accustomed to doing everything one (or no!) handed I’d have discovered them. I use voice memos to send ideas or plans across to clients, to remind myself of something, or even say ‘love you’ to my mum. So easy to do on the move and so effective.

Hands Free calls: Pretty self explanatory! But a great way to fit in any calls I need to make that I don’t know when I’ll be free for otherwise. It also means I can get the calls out of the way, meaning that nap time can be used for any actions that come out of them.

Brainstorming:Majority of my work is idea related - this means I need to do a lot of brainstorming and deep thinking. As all mamas know it can be blimmin tricky to focus on your train of thought, or get into a flow state, when you have little ones in the same room as you. Half your brain is always on them. I love walks for this - it seems to be where my best ideas happen which are then turned into voice memos to be sure I don’t forget them with my permanent baby brain!

 Happy twins in their Mountain Buggy Duet

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