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Sarah FitzPatrick running with the Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller

Get outdoors & get moving during COVID-19

People are finding new ways to get moving. Our friends at MOMLETA, a mom-focused fitness company based in the USA, shares their tips on doing this safely.
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While in-person fitness classes have converted to being almost 100% virtual, there’s still a need to safely get outdoors and move! Mom-focused fitness company, MOMLETA (formerly Baby Boot Camp), offers the best of both worlds - holding daily virtual classes all the while encouraging members to share ideas on how to get outside with their littles ones!

No matter what type of climate, MOMLETA moms (and dads) are loading up their Mountain Buggy, grabbing some adventure necessities (i.e. pretzel sticks, blankets and water bottles) and heading out to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy a change of scenery.

Here are few ideas from MOMLETA:

Take family walks. While the littlest family members snuggle into the comfort of a buggy, older kids can ride bikes or scooters to shake out some of that pent-up energy. Get to know your neighborhood again and wave to neighbors, from acceptable distances;

family outing with Mountain Buggy Duet

Explore new parks in your area. Print out a scavenger hunt and have your kids find special treasures along your walk;

family outing with Mountain Buggy Duet silver

Lace up those running shoes and take your Mountain Buggy on an off-path adventure;

Mountain Buggy Duet off-path running adventure

Take your Mountain Buggy outside and entertain your little one while you work in some exercise! Stroller push-ups anyone?!?

Mountain Buggy Duet stroller push-ups!

No matter what or where, choosing the right stroller is a must to ensure the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible for you and your little ones while being active, especially on different terrain.

Adventure away!


About MOMLETA The mission of MOMLETA is inspiring strong moms. We provide fitness, nutrition, and community support for moms of all ages & stages. We strive to empower women to realize their full potential through inspiring health & wellness in their communities. We are fit for the journey. We are MOMLETA. Find a location near you at

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