urban jungle evolution (pre 2015) seat fabric

urban jungle evolution (pre 2015) seat fabric

mountain buggy


Product Code: MB2-PUHAM102_

Replacement seat fabric for your urban jungle™ buggy (pre 2015 version only)

This seat fabric comes complete with harness and buckle system.

Please note that the evolution fabric will only fit pre-2015 versions

mountain buggy front axle 2 x trliock knobs_default front axle and 2x tri-lock knobs MB1-PKAXTRI_ €15,95 EUR
Mountain Buggy replacement cover for front wheel swivel shown on buggy in situ in colour black_black front wheel swivel nut cap MB1-PSWNUT_ €1,95 EUR sold out
Mountain Buggy urban jungle and plus one handle with grip in black_black urban jungle™ and +one™ handle MB1-HANDLEGU_ €32,00 EUR
Mountain Buggy replacement harness buckle shown in colour black_black harness buckle MB1-P5WAY_ €11,95 EUR sold out
Mountain Buggy image not available yet black_black handle and cup holder screws MB1-PSKit2_ €1,95 EUR
Mountain Buggy close up of replacement handle joint in colour black_black handle adjustment joint MB1-PHNAMK_ €13,95 EUR sold out

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